Printverniz and Printcor

The most important equipment is talent

Technology is investment, technology is equipment, but before it all, in order to guarantee quality it is required to have process. Only that way, it is possible to obtain quality with uniformity, which is fundamental in the case of inks and varnish. The companies from Printcor Group has quality in all the process, and that’s why they were certified with ISO 9001:2008 in the system of quality management.

From the severe raw material control, going through last generation equipments, such as viscometers, COF tests, shininess analysis, abrasion test, last generation mixers with a complete automated production, among others, guarantee the best result in all the line of products. And all of this because theses companies know that they need the best to support their most essential equipment: sensitivity and human talent, irreplaceable and inimitable tools.

Printcor Group heavily invests in innovation, know-how, courses and formation of its technicians, because it is aware that the best technology only fulfills its purpose when it is handled by the hands of men. In the Printcor and Printverniz laboratories this is the main target.

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