Water base varnish

Printverniz, a company of Printcor Group, stands out because of its water base varnish line in the Brazilian and South American market.

One of the reasons is that it was the first company to manufacture inkwell water base varnish in the country. And because of this, the company keeps on innovating, looking for the best solutions for its clients with what is most advanced in Brazil and in the world.

Printverniz manufactures a complete line of water base varnish to supply the needs of the graphic market. Its quality comes from the control of the entire productive process, from the raw material quality, going through the rigorous tests in laboratories, to the permanent standardization and review.

Water base varnish ECO

The ECO varnish line contains in its formulation raw material with renewable sources percentual and the use of recovered water derived from the production of Printover varnish line, through a rigorous process of purification and a strict quality control.

Ultraviolet varnish

Complete line of ultraviolet varnish to supply the need of the Brazilian graphic market. From a selection of imported raw materials, which are the base of the best products in the world. Printover works with an assured quality, that guarantees the final product.

Last generation equipment, international know-how, cooperation deals with world leaders, besides the agile and efficient technical assistance, guarantee an outstanding position in the market for Printverniz.


Our varnishes are produced and controlled in a rigorous quality control, so they can be used purely. However, when there is any adversity such as support, ink, machine conditions, among others, we strongly recommend the careful use of additives to solve the immediate problem, keeping in mind that the use of additives cannot become a habit and it should be used strictly as a moment palliative.