Our varnishes are produced and controlled by a rigorous quality control, so that they can be used purely. However, when there is any adversity such as support, ink, machine conditions, among others, we recommend the criterious use of additives to solve the immediate problem. Nevertheless, it cannot become a habit and it is only a palliative, because the cause of the problem must be resolved as soon as possible.


Auxiliaries for water base

AX 1500

Delayer – Delaying additive to be used together with water base varnish inkwell, where it must be sprayed in the roller before loading the varnish in the rolls; It can also be used for those who employ the water base varnish in the wet solution to be sprayed on the tip of the rolls during the production to avoid that the varnish is accumulated on it.


Cleaning solvent – Designed for manual and automatic cleanings inthe water base varnish unit. Great for cleaning the anilox cylinder, not harming the superficial tension of the cylinder and letting the alveolus clean to guarantee a better transference to the varnish.


Additives for ultraviolet


Anti rejection additive – Used when the ink presents a lot of additive in the surface and due to this situation, it rejects the UV varnish.

AX1506 UV

Photoinitiator additive – When the varnish is not healing due to the low potence of the bulb or another problem related to the group of UV bulbs of the machine.

AX1516 UV

Diluent – It is used to adjust the viscosity of the varnish in a very low temperature or better fitting in the relation system-varnish-support

AX 1521 UV

Adhesion promoter – Used to increase the adherence of the varnish when the superficial tension of the material is under 38 dynas/cm².